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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What’s Changed?

I was chastised recently by someone for not updating the ol’ blog since August. “Well,” I responded, “if you can add a few more hours to each day, I might just do that.”

His response to me in turn got me to thinking. “What’s changed since you were keeping up with it so often a couple of years ago? You were working and had two kids then as well.” (That’s paraphrased, but the general idea of what was said.)

What’s changed you ask? Well, a lot to be perfectly honest.

One thing that has changed over this year is a new commitment on my part to exercise regularly, be healthier and hopefully, as a result, lose some weight. That takes time. And it’s paid off, too. At this writing I have lost about 35 pounds since the beginning of January. How I’ve done it is probably a completely separate blog post, and if you’re interested, I’ll work on that. But suffice it to say at this point that it takes time and focus to be able to do it.

Also this year, I have taken the plunge. I have put myself out there. I have begun taking orders and selling my pies and desserts. As it turns out, it seems that people like what I make and are willing to pay me for it. At this point this is just a side gig and something that will hopefully help pay for camps the kids want to attend and our vacations. I am mostly selling to friends and family and was very unsure about it when I started. However, Thanksgiving was very encouraging in every respect; from the number of orders I received (even some calls from complete strangers who found either my website or Facebook page) to the fact that I felt like I could have taken on a few more. So as anyone who has been involved in any size of small business venture knows, it takes a lot of time and brain power to set things up and keep them going.

Another thing that has changed is the age of my kids. As a young mom, you think that as they get older and more self-responsible that they become lower maintenance and you’ll have more time. Then you get to the point where they are older, and so are you, and you realize that you were WRONG! Even with our house rule of only one sport per season in addition to piano, I still find that we are so busy now with their school work, activities and involvements that it cancels out the time that I’m not spending changing diapers and taking care of many of their day to day needs that they now take care of themselves.

But mostly, what’s changed is my perspective. I want to live life with my husband, kids and extended family and not have to take time to write about it.

God has really placed on my heart over the last couple of years the fact that I only have one life to live. I only have one shot at this parenting thing. I only have these kids in my home for such a short period of time. I only have one chance to experience this season of life with my husband. There are no do-overs. There are no guarantees of tomorrow.

So, as I live this life the Lord has given me, I realize that I don’t have to stop and write about every little bit of it. I simply don’t have time. I don’t have to blog every recipe I make with photos, a write up and a well-tested and edited recipe. Those things take a ton of time that I really don’t have. I would much rather spend that time watching my son’s or daughter’s swim practice, or help them practice piano, or spend that one hour after the kids are in bed and before I crash on the couch with my man just relaxing and watching some TV.

So, there you have it. You asked, “What’s changed?” My answer: “A lot, but mostly my perspective.”