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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Woes of a Business Trip Widow in the 21st Century

I want to speak to you face to face, without a screen in between and a microphone that doesn’t always want to work.

I want to tell you about my day and hear about yours without worrying about how many minutes we’ve been talking and how big our cell phone bill is getting.

I want to be able to call you without having to count out the time difference in hours to make sure you might still be awake.

I want to text you when you’re just down the hall and I’m too lazy to get up, instead of when you’re thousands of miles away and across an ocean.

I want to be able to fall asleep at night knowing you’re just in the other room and coming to bed soon.

But most of all, I want to have your arms around me, to have your lips touching mine, and to never ever let you go again.

I wish I still enjoyed your occasional business trips like I used to.

I really do.

But I don't.

I miss you, baby.