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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Food/Cooking Bucket List

A while back, I saw someone pose the question, “What is on your food/cooking bucket list?”  In other words, what do you want to cook (or in my case many times, master in the kitchen) before you “kick the bucket”?

I found it an oddly interesting question and one that I really couldn’t answer fully at the time.  And I am sure my list will grow with time.  But here are some things that I think would go on that list for me (in no particular order):

  1. Homemade pasta: ravioli, linguini, gnocchi… you name it. I want to make it.
  2. Smoking meats: meats of all kinds… brisket, ribs, chicken… I want to smoke it all.  But I guess I need a smoker first.
  3. Complete the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge I started many eons ago.
  4. Tamales
  5. Homemade corn and flour tortillas: tortilla press… gotta have one.
  6. Meringue: this falls under the category of “mastery”.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have made meringue pies, but have not quite mastered the “mile high meringue” that doesn’t deflate. That’s my goal.
  7. Croissants: not canned crescent rolls. Real life flakey and buttery croissants.
  8. Homemade sausage: now where is that meat grinder? Oh yeah. Need one of those, too.
  9. Boeuf Bourguignon: I received the set of Julia Childs’ Mastering the Art of French Cooking books as a gift for Christmas this year from my father in law.  Time to get to know Julia just a little better, don’t you think?
  10. Lobster or crab of some kind.

There are several things that I have done in recent years that I think would have gone on this list that I think deserve a mention… you know, so I can put it on my list and then cross it off…

  1. Sourdough bread:  this was a huge accomplishment for me.
  2. Homemade marshmallows
  3. Chili with no chili powder, only ground dried chili peppers.
  4. Jelly/Jam/Preserves and canning

What about you?  What are some things that you want to at least try to cook/bake/make in the kitchen before you “kick the bucket”?


Kate said...

1) Love doing this.
2) I don't smoke. ha ha ha
4 & 5) I just purchased Maseca to do this myself...soon.
8) On my list too.
9) Supposed to watch Julie & Julia & make this with one of my besties. Still hasn't happened, but I will have to buy another bottle of burgundy...oops. :) hee hee

Frieda Loves Bread said...

Your list is similar to mine...
1) done. Love it and you will, too!
2) done. Don't need a smoker, but it is easier.
3)I stopped at sourdough, need to finish the book as well.
4) done. They freeze well and can be enjoyed ANY time!
5) done. I make them so often, I'm considering an electric tortilla press...
6)Not a fan of meringue, so I'll cheer you on!
7) Yes, def on my list. If I can make flaky biscuits and pie, why not croissants?
8) Found a recipe, using ground pork, so that is on my list.
9) I would love to try this!
10) I'm going to start with shrimp; if I can just get past de-veining them...

As with you, sourdough was a huge accomplishment for me, although I don't make it as often as I'd like.

Kudos for making homemade marshmallows and chili, I'm impressed!

As a fellow canner, I'm sure you appreciate the feeling of a beautiful jar of jelly!