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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kitchen update {part seventeen} -My favorite things

Over the last 5 (or so) years I have gathered ideas from pictures and other people’s kitchens and made a mental wish list of what I would eventually want in my dream kitchen.  My desire here is to give you ideas if you are in that same boat.  I want to put all of our best and favorite ideas in one place so that if someone out there is thinking and dreaming about what they might want in their kitchen some day, they could see what we found that works really well… for us at least.

So, from the home office in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, my top ten favorite things in my new kitchen (not necessarily in “favorite order”).

10.  The (soon to come) pot-filler.  I already love this backsplash that hubs installed and I really think I’m going to like the pot-filler that will accompany it… when we get it done.


9.  Our new KitchenAid french door refrigerator.  I love the drawer freezer and the  width of the main part of the fridge.  And it has a wicked-awesome computer in it that measures out how many ounces of water that it is dispensing, runs a picture slide show and picks your nose. (Well, not that last part, but it does everything but.)


8.  Our new Delta Touch2O faucet.  We all keep walking up to other faucets and trying to touch them to turn them on.  Our whole family loves the touch faucet.

ToucH2O faucet

7.  Spice jar storage drawer beside the range.  We had to adjust our original design because of space constraints and I did not know where on earth I would store my herbs and spices.  This drawer and some little clear topped spice jars were the perfect solution.  I bought these jars here.

Spice jar storage next to stove Spice jar storage

6.  The new custom pantry.  It may be in the hallway just off the kitchen, but it is a might better than that old useless thing we used to have.  There is room for everything in one place.  Now if we could just get the tile in the hallway done so that it could have a finished tile floor.

Pantry doorsPantry inside

One thing in particular that I love about the pantry is how we designed a specific place for a rolling cart to house my big stand mixer.  I love that it is stored away in my new pantry and that I can just wheel the whole thing out to use it and I can put the whole thing away when I’m done.

Mixer cart in pantrymixer cart in pantry 2   

5.  The super-awesome vent hood over the new range.  We purchased this GE Monogram vent hood that was designed as a “stand alone” type that was surrounded by stainless steel from our “scratch & dent” guy.  We got it really cheap.  But it easily takes care of any steam or smoke you might generate.  And since it was originally a stand alone type unit, it has a prettier appearance than the ones that are made to be hidden. 


4.  The stone arch and how it offsets the surrounding black cabinets and accents as well as contrasts with the stainless range and fridge.

Black cabinets Stone arch Stainless range

I just love how this “star of the show” as far as decorative elements turned out.

stone arch over stainless range 

3.  The utensil drawers.  There are four of them hidden behind cabinet doors.  They are shallow and wide enough to find everything easily, yet deep enough for my large measuring cups to sit upright in them with no problem.

DSC_0050 Cooking utensil drawers

2.  Our custom maple hutch; designed by me and built by our cabinet maker.

 custom designed kitchen hutch

It has a special pull out shelf for my computer and doors to house all of our kitchen/family office type things.

Hutch Computer Station


And… my number one favorite thing in my new kitchen…..

1.  My new KitchenAid professional grade range with steam assist.

  KitchenAid stainless professional grade range


As a lover of baking bread, the steam assist mode is the greatest thing since… well… sliced bread.

KitchenAid Steam AssistIMG_0979

And as a bonus, I just can’t end this post without saying how much we love the new tile floor.

IMG_0720 It’s a brushed marble and it is just gorgeous.  Each and every tile is different.  And there is just enough color variation within and between tiles that dirt is not as evident (and with two kids and two dogs in the house, that is a good thing).

I know I kind of sound like a commercial in this post, and I want to clarify that we received none of these appliances or merchandise.  We purchased every last bit of it.  We are just in love with our new kitchen and want to tell you about it a little.

You can view a list of all my kitchen updates here.