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Monday, August 1, 2011

Kitchen update {part fifteen} - Finally Complete

Here it is. 

Kitchen version 2.0 after a complete uninstall of what we believe may have been version 1.3. 

The pot filler behind the range is the only “major” thing that is still undone.  But the kitchen was clean (for once) and I had a few minutes to take pictures, so here it is.

kitchen remodeled 2


kitchen maple cabinets antique finish

kitchen maple cabinets 

KitchenAid range with stone arch

custom designed kitchen hutch

kitchen remodeled

Also this week you will see posts with some before and after pictures and a tour of some of our more favorite elements.

You can view a list of all my kitchen updates here.


michelencindy said...

Awesome, Donna! It is beautiful! May God bless each meal prepared there and may His grace fill the whole house and each person that enters with the sweet aroma of agape fellowship.

Brandi said...

Oh my gosh, Donna. It's beautiful!

angie128 said...


Brittany said...

Beautiful kitchen, Donna! My friend has a pot filler over her stove and it's soooooo nice! I have to say I'm surprised you have that huge kitchen with no island??? You're gonna make LOTS of yummy things in that beautiful kitchen of yours.

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

The pictures may be deceiving on size, Brittany. It's really not big enough for an island. There was a rolling butcher block island in the middle of it when we bought it and I didn't like having to walk around it to get to the stove or oven. It would need to be a few feet wider to really support a functional island which would have to have a prep sink or something.

michelencindy said...

p.s. - as an EE, I love the downlights and the blue pendants!

Kay said...

Verrrrrry pretty. Can't wait to see your favorite parts. : )

Wendy said...

Simply gorgeous, Donna. I especially love the stonework around the stove. And the floor. And the cabinets. And...well, you get the idea. Hope you don't mind, I pinned it (but I'll take it down if you want.)