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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kitchen face-lift {part six} - A Tale of Three Mikes

We have been working hard on the kitchen. 

And by we, you understand I mean Mike. 

There has been demolition, electrical wiring and drywall hanging and a few moments that will be remembered forever.

There are a few shows that we watch on tv.  We don’t watch a lot, but there are a few shows that we like.  Two of them each have a host named Mike. And we happen to think that both of them might be interested in what we’ve got going on around our house these days.

First is Mike Holmes HGTV.

We keep finding things that we think would send Mike Holmes into a conniption fit.  Like this little surprise that we found inside of the wall behind the sink after tearing out the drywall. A little gift from the guys who originally built the house over 30 years ago.


That right there is the old-school style pop top Budweiser can, my friends.

There have also been things that have led Mike to wonder aloud, “Did the plumbers do all the wiring in this house?!? Mike Holmes would have a field day with this.”

And then there’s Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs. 

There is a lot about kitchen remodeling that is dirty.  Chipping up ceramic tile definitely is.  It also causes some unfortunate fashion choices out of necessity.

remodeling Yes, that’s me under there.

Removing said chipped up tile from your garage is also quite the dirty job.  I think Nathan would make Mike Rowe proud with this.

So, as Mike works on getting his part of the project done, we can’t help but continually think of the other two Mikes.  We hope we are making them proud.


Susan said...

Love this!

Kay said...

That beer can is funny...and kinda gross when you think about it. Aren't you glad you can clean everything up and know what's going on behind your walls now?

Cute video. He'll be shoveling those scraps til college. That's a huge pile! : D