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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kitchen face-lift {part seven} – Firm foundation

We have been involved with several building projects both at church and at school. One of the most precious times is always when we have met after the foundation was poured but before the finishes were put in to write scriptures, prayers and blessings on that foundation.

We decided to do this very thing on the foundation of our own home in our kitchen before things started being rebuilt.

Imagine that. We have demolished just about everything to be demolished and are writing scripture on our foundation so that things can be rebuilt. Much the same way that at times, our lives get demolished and the Lord just wants to write his Word upon the foundation of our hearts before he rebuilds upon it.

But I digress.

We had been through the whole process of chipping up the old ceramic tile which was messy and a little painful and ultimately required some professional help to finish chipping up all the thin-set. But it was good because they also leveled the floor and we also decided to just have them install the new tile.


But before they started the process of installing the new tile, we all sat down in the middle of the kitchen floor and wrote out verses of scriptures on it.

So, what scriptures did we choose?

This was a very meaningful experience for me and hopefully for the rest of my family. In his book Family Driven Faith, Voddie Baucham talks at one point about making our faith a multisensory experience in the home. This was part of that process for me as we engaged the sense of touch and sight.

We want for our home to honor the Lord. I pray that my children will long remember writing their own chosen scriptures on the foundation of this house as we marked it as God’s territory through these simple scriptures written on the foundation.

How have you marked your home as God’s territory? How are you bringing your faith to life in a multisensory way for your children?

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Kay said...

I love this! Makes me want to sing "How Firm a Foundation" in your honor.

The G's said...

I love this post. Our basement flooded and we are in the process of getting everything redone. Carpet goes in next week and we had planned to do the same thing. Great minds think alike, right? What a wonderful memory you have made for your children. I love the verses the kids chose. Can't wait to see the finished project. I know you are reading to see it too!

trooppetrie said...

I love this idea, how amazing that you know you are walking on god's word