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Friday, February 4, 2011

Kitchen face-lift {part eight} – Where the kitchen at?

Every once in a while, Mike and I break out into the beginning of the hit song, “Swagger Wagon.”

“Where my kids at? Where my kids at? Where my kids at? Where my kids at?” 

“No, seriously, honey, where are the kids?”

“They’re right there, see.”

And then we crack up.  Obviously, we’re easily entertained.

These days, I thought it an appropriate question in reference to my kitchen.  And a question worth answering.

Since ripping out the cabinets and tile in early January, I have been reduced to this for a kitchen.

IMG_0549A microwave, a coffee maker and sometimes a precariously perched toaster in my laundry / extra bathroom.

What you can’t see off-camera to the left is a shower and a toilet.  In my make-shift kitchen.

I have had to institute a no-going-potty-in-the-make-shift-kitchen rule.

I’m sure you understand.

As for the contents of my regular kitchen… well…

Check my dining room…


(ugh.  what a mess.)

And our extra bedroom…

IMG_0695 IMG_0696

And the middle of my living room…

There’s nothing like seeing a refrigerator in the middle of your living room next to your piano.  Nothing like it.

Except maybe a toilet and a shower.

My stuff needs a home.



Kay said...

Oh wow! I know you'll be glad when this is all over! I think we would have a no-go potty rule too. LOL

I know it's small, but you could do a lot with that amount of space to 'cook' in. I think my crock pot would be fired up a lot! : )

Amanda said...

I'm glad you're keeping us posted through the madness. We are doing a kitchen blowout (read: huge gaping hole in the back of our house where wildlife roams) this spring, and with 4 kids who are home constantly (we homeschool) I am NERVOUS!! I'm thinking of taking a roadtrip.....

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

Kay - We have used the crock pot some. We also have a grill that has come in handy. Especially for boiling some water for macaroni & cheese. :) I also made a huge ham and a turkey the week before this all started and froze them in smaller packages.

Amanda - a road trip is not entirely a bad idea. ;)

UrMomCooks said...

Hang in there!!! It will be worth it! (Enjoyed looking at all your bread baking - delicious!)