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Thursday, December 2, 2010

King Arthur Baking Demonstrations and a Giveaway

**Congrats Rachelizabeth!!**

A couple of weeks ago, in his sermon, our pastor told a little story of a man who was asked if he knew what his wife’s favorite flower was. “Of course,” he said, “Pillsbury.”

Amidst the chuckles from the congregation, I looked over at Mike who had that “what an idiot” look on his face. He then motioned with his hand toward me and said with a knowing laugh, “King Arthur, right?”

Yes, baby. You know me too well.

King Arthur is my favorite flour. I can’t always purchase it because of the price. But if I had my preference, I would probably use it all the time. It is such good quality without all the additional processing that many of the less expensive brands use.

So to tell you that I was excited to find out earlier this year that their travelling baking demonstrations would be coming to North Texas would be a huge understatement.

I attended both their Pies and Tarts and Sweet Yeast Breads demonstrations in Grapevine yesterday. Part of me said, “Why are you bothering? These are not topics that you have great anxiety over anymore.” But then I decided that you just never know what little tip you might pick up.

So I went to both sessions and they were pretty good. I did, in fact, pick up a few little hints and tips that I hadn’t thought of before. The kids even went with me to the evening session about bread and both enjoyed watching her make cinnamon rolls (and I don’t think there is any way I’ll get through this weekend without making a batch, just so you know).

And I even won some door prizes of 5 pound bags of flour. I won one of them when I went to the class at noon and then each of my kids and I won one at the evening bread demo. It was awesome.

So, in case you either live in the area and were not able to make it, or you live in an area that they are not coming to this year, I would like to pass on to one of you some of the swag we got.

I am going to give away: 1 recipe booklet (includes a King Arthur Flour coupon on the back), 1 bowl scraper and 1 $10 gift card toward a $20 purchase (to be used in the next 90 days at the King Arthur Flour online store).


How to enter this giveaway:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post (including an email address where you can be reached) telling me what you might buy with the gift card.

That’s it. I’m not doing extra entries with this one.

The giveaway will end on Tuesday (12/7/10) at 10 pm at which time comments will close.

I will announce a winner on Wednesday morning (12/8/10) after my kids are able to use the “oh-so-scientific-method” of drawing a name from a hat.

Good luck and happy baking!

P.S. If you live in the Fort Worth area, there is one more day of baking demonstrations today (12/2/10) at noon and 6 pm :
Radisson Hotel Fort Worth Fossil Creek
2540 Meacham Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76106


Cinnamon Girl said...

You are a baker after my own heart! I, too, love using King Arthur Flour and am thankful that I can get it (sometimes on sale) at my local Kroger store! If I had the gift card, I would buy some of the lovely Vietnamese Cinnamon from the Baker's Catalog, along with some of the cute new sugar snowmen decorations and maybe some fleur de sel for candy making!

Julie Garro said...

Hi! Oh I so wish my car did not have a dead battery :( as I will miss the demo today.

I love cooking and baking. I think I would use the gift card to get ingredients for Christmassy desserts. I've just started a blog and my current theme is "12 Days of Chritmas Recipes" but I make the item again before I post it so I can confirm any adjustments.

There's something so very special about homemade food. I'm trying to help people do that again.

Julie Garro
Mansfield, Texas

Cinnamon Girl said...

Blast! The email address for Cinnamon Girl's comment is: I didn't mean to leave it off.....I know, I the back of the line with me now! : )

rachelizabeth said...

I LOVE King Arthur! I don't do that much baking, but I can tell the difference when I use the cheap-o brands. I never thought I'd be a flour snob, but I cringe at the thought of using anything else now.

I would use the gift card to try out their gluten free flours. I haven't had much success using any GF mixes, storebought or homemade.

My email is aggieredhead {at} hotmail {dot} com.

Elaine said...

I would like to try the cake flour, I have some Christmas recipes that use it!

Allison@KingArthurFlour said...

Thanks for coming to the demos and sharing about them! I'm glad you picked up some new tricks. And how nice of you to giveaway some of the treats you got! Happy baking-

ashley said...

I've never used king arthur flour BC I can't afford it.

Keal said...

That is so cool that you got to go to the demonstration. I'd love to try some of their mixes over the holidays.


Gianna said...

I buy KA all-purpose flour in large bags, which is more economical and lasts longer. I won't bake with anything but.
I figure I'd rather buy good quality ingredients to make food from scratch, than expensive prepared foods.

With the gift card I could win, I'd try out some specialty flours, namely the ones I can't find at the local grocery stores: Pizza/pasta, Pastry, Rye and Pumpernickle.