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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kitchen face-lift {part three} - A random update

Hi there.  Remember me?  In case you forgot, my name is Donna and this here blog is my internet home. 

And, believe it or not, I do know that there are three elements that make up this blog.  Faith, Family and Food. 

Yes, that’s right.  One of the elements of this blog is food.  You wouldn’t know it by my recent posting history, would you?  I simply haven’t posted much food lately.

My apologies if you have found your way over here looking for great recipes and adventures in my kitchen lately.  However, if you’ll remember from this post and this post, my kitchen has kind of been under construction.  And still, even now, it looks like this:

100_9710 A busier work schedule for my man is good…. except that it means that little has happened on the kitchen in a while.

Trade-offs.  Meh.

This “under construction” status of my kitchen and the associated dust along with soccer, strep throat (for my Little Man and I), Bible studies, retreats and speaking at a retreat, the blogging of food has, well, been set aside. 

I have been cooking and have tried some new things.  In fact, last weekend I baked some sourdough bread and made cassoulet.  It has been so long since I have had the smell of bread baking in my house...OH how I’ve missed it.

However, I don’t know if you realize, but typing out recipes and taking pictures and all that goes into blogging food… it’s time consuming.  And clearly time is not something I’ve had just a lot of lately.

So all this is to say that I do hope to get back to food blogging.  But it’s just going to take a little while longer. 

If you read here, please let me know you still come by periodically by leaving a quick comment.  Tell me… what have you been up to?  Have you cooked anything fun and exciting lately?


Holly said...

I read your blog...and love whatever topic you write about. Have a wonderful day, friend!

Gayle said...

You know I'm here! ;)

It is DEFINITELY time consuming to food blog with pictures and such.

I bet that sourdough bread was SO GOOD! I love the smell of baking bread throughout my home, too. Nothing like it...