Monday, August 2, 2010

Zing Zang Zoom!

What a fun show. 

If you have the opportunity to see the Ringling Bros. Zing Zang Zoom show for this year, I highly recommend it.  We went on the opening night here in Dallas this past Wednesday.

There was plenty of clowning around…

IMG_0013 IMG_0012

And speaking of clowns, I felt like the clowns had a more prominent presence in the show this year over last year.  Somehow I just felt like I didn’t get to see enough of the clowns last year.  But I LOVED their acts this year. 

There were, as there always are, elephants …

IMG_0052 And these elephants are just amazing.  Several of them balanced up on their trunk at one point.


A nice addition to this year’s show was the illusions performed by the main host guy (the guy you would consider the “ringmaster” but since there weren’t technically rings this year, I can’t remember what they called him).  Several animals disappeared, and as you can see below, a tiger appeared in this box at the beginning of the tiger portion of the show.


The incorporation of the illusions inspired a lot of wonder and amazement from kids and adults alike.  At one point he had three kids and their parents come out of the crowd.  Everyone in the audience helped out with their arms stretched forward and using their “mysterious fingers” causing the parents to levitate.  It was precious to see my own kids getting in on the act.

There were some amazing acrobats…


After this trick I said to Nathan, “That was awesome!”  He paused and said, “No. That was dangerous.”  No kidding.  My husband and I have decided that we’ve got nothing on these adrenaline junkies. 

I have no pictures of what we felt like was one of the best acts… the dogs.  There were some seriously awesome canines, including some insane Jack Russell Terriers, performing.

And, well, being the softies that we are, there were wicked awesome swords and toys to be had.


I’ll be honest, we were pretty disappointed that there were no motorcycles this year.  We’ve been to the circus a lot of times and I can’t remember ever going to a show that didn’t involve motorcycles.  And I assumed with the word “Zoom” in the title of the show this year that motorcycles or some kind of vehicle would be there. 

But thankfully, I think the boy was distracted enough with his wicked awesome sword that he didn’t really notice too much.

If you’re interested in some discount tickets, go to this previous blog post to get a code to use when ordering tickets. 

But hurry.  Zing Zang Zoom is only in Dallas until August 8th and then will be in Fort Worth for the week following that.  And speaking of Fort Worth, there will be a Parade of Pachyderms in downtown Fort Worth in the evening on August 10th as they gear up for opening night.  Don’t miss it.

Note: Please forgive the poor picture quality.  My real camera was rendered useless when my batteries died before we ever got into the show.  All these pictures were taken with my phone.

Disclaimer:  I received tickets from Ringling Bros. for my family and myself for opening night.


ElleBee said...

We saw "Zing Zang Zoom" in November and absolutely LOVED it! It was our kiddos' first experience at a circus and both thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We attended the pre-circus event, and in addition to seeing the clowns and elephant, our oldest got to walk a tightrope. Way cool...I would highly recommend this for family attendance!

Mamacita said...

In my 40+ years I have never been to a circus, so neither have my children. However, your post has almost convinced me. :)