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Monday, August 23, 2010

Need a sound effect? Just ask a Kindergarten boy.

On Friday, Sarah went to a girl-friend’s slumber party where they were going to do their own version of Cupcake Wars instead of traditional birthday cake.  Totally cute idea, in my opinion. 

However, the thought of Sarah being at a party and spending the night without him was just almost more than Nathan could bear (bare?  oh I don’t know).  So we decided to invite a friend over to play for the evening and then we could go out for pizza. 

I have noticed in the last few years that one of the biggest differences between my son and daughter was the increased amount of sound effects that come from him.  With boys, it seems, everything has a sound effect. 

Nathan was making car sounds as he pushed his little toddler toys since before he was a year old.  In recent years, however, the volume of sounds that he has learned and practices on a consistent basis has grown exponentially.  And after seeing Star Wars for the first time this summer… oh my… everything sounds like a blaster these days.

Girls, in my experience, even girls that are “tom-boys” just don’t do this.

So picture the scene with me.  Friday evening, we have two Kindergarten boys in the back seat of the car as we are on the way to get pizza for dinner.  And this is what we heard the entire ride.

Mike and I just could not stop laughing. 

Moms of boys (or MOB Society as we call ourselves), have you experienced this?


Kay said...

That's so cute. I don't know what's funnier...him, or you trying to stifle your giggles. : )

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

It was absolutely hilarious. It had been going with at least that much intensity for a good 5 minutes before I ever decided to capture it on video.

Barbara | VinoLuciStyle said...

I had two girls and can attest to that fact that our lives seldom included noises but often included singing and my one daughter is now the part time choir director of a small church; it was in her blood!

BUT I grew up with three brothers and it was never ending and I must admit some jealousy; never, no matter how hard I tried, was I able to make a gun sound like they could, like all the boys could. For me, sure seems to be a 'boy' thing!

Dawn said...

So funny! But just wait until those boys are 12, 13, 14... The sounds become louder and much, MUCH more obnoxious. :)

Anonymous said...

Donna the video clip was very cute!!! I actually have to agree with Dawn. A month ago I had my own son and his friend both 13 in the back of my car and it was non stop. It was hilarious listening to them even though they were getting louder by the minute. Boys are fun I must say though! :)