Monday, April 5, 2010

A New Sport {Mama Braggin’ Monday}

Sarah has played soccer for the last few years.  This spring, in an effort to branch out, she is trying softball.

She and Nathan had mentioned being interested in playing base ball back in the fall.  Well, Santa heard about this and got all excited.  So they both got gloves and a bat to share for Christmas.

We finally got her signed up this spring to play softball and her team is the Tiggers (Yes, as in Winnie the Pooh… T-I-Double guh-ERRRRR).

She had her first game a few weeks ago and seems to be enjoying it.  I’m just thrilled that she is finally playing a sport that I have some knowledge of and understand.  (I played softball all through elementary school and on a church rec. team in high school.)


She has played catcher a few times.  I played catcher so I have a soft spot here.


At bat.  Her stance needs some work, but she’s getting the hang of it and making contact with the ball.  But this was her first game after only one or two practices.


Her first base hit.


She got to first then the next batter allowed her to get to 2nd.  She was forced out at 3rd, but not bad for her first time around the bases.


And, yeah, can you believe the face mask on her batting helmet?  When did THAT start?!?

She has also played 2nd base some and outfield.


The one thing that’s getting on my nerves is those darn chain link fences.  They get in the way of my picture taking. 

Her coach is really nice and is excellent about moving the girls around to try different positions.  And it’s coach pitch so the girls get like five chances to hit the ball at the plate.  She said she hasn’t been playing long enough yet to have a favorite thing or position, so we’ll see how the season goes.

But the girl is having fun and the team is doing pretty well so far.  She missed the team’s very first game because it was her birthday and, well, there was a party to be had.  So as far as a record goes, we lost first game she attended and have won the two since then. 

So here’s to trying new things.

Go Tiggers!

Next up…. 4 year old t-ball.  Now THAT should be fun.  Or excruciating. 


Carl Weaver said...

I used to be a sports photographer and would stand off the field about at third or first base with a lens about 200-300mm focal length on a monopod to get shots without the fence in the picture. Where you are sitting is great for viewing the action but not for getting the shots.

This is wonderful that your kids are interested in sports!

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

Great tips, Carl. Thanks. I may try to recruit my father in law to take some pictures with his fancy schmancy digital SLR.

rachelizabeth said...

Yay for baseball! I love that your daughter is trying something new and having a good time doing it. The smile on her face in the first picture is priceless.

4 year old t-ball is FUN!!! Yes, sometimes it gets excruciating, but the kids are so cute running around on the field! I love it!

When I'm taking pictures, I stand at the fence and put the camera lens between the links. I don't always get the best pictures, but they're usually good enough. Or, I go down the baseline, but the fence is just high enough that I have a hard time seeing over it.

Kay said...

Go T-I-double guh-ERRRRR's. That made me laugh! : ) Looks like she's having a really good time. And that's what counts. Yaah, 4yo ball..umm... : )