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Friday, May 8, 2009

Foodie Friday - It's Pizza Friday (Lamb Pita Pizza)

I shared with you on Wednesday that we have instituted some designated meal nights around our house to try to help us to not eat out as much. One of those nights is now Pizza Friday.

There are so many things you can do with pizza. And using small crusts, it's like eating at a restaurant because everyone can make their own and choose exactly what they want on their pizza. It's a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen as well.

My most recent fun pizza creation was a Lamb Pita Pizza. We always have lamb left over from our Roast Leg of Lamb at Easter and we usually try to have pitas after the fact. We had done that already and still had more lamb leftover. So, I decided to recreate my lamb pitas in the form of a pizza and it was incredible.

I've done a couple of different variations on this depending on what I have available in the house, so I'll give you a list of all the ingredients that I have use at one time or another (not necessarily all at once).

Sourdough Pizza Crust
Roast leg of lamb (sliced very thin)
Roasted red pepper sauce (left over from making this; used instead of a tomato sauce)
Tomatoes (either canned chunks drained well or sliced fresh)
Red onion (sliced very thin)
Chopped bell pepper
Fresh Oregano (sliced)
Fresh Basil (sliced)
Feta cheese (crumbled on top)

Before baking:

After baking:

You'll notice that the Feta cheese does not melt and become smooth the way a mozarella does.

This is a really good alternative to the regular sausage and pepperoni pizza and a great way to use up leftover lamb.

What is your favorite pizza? Will you try a pizza night soon? I challenge you to look and see what you've got in your fridge. Is there something you can use to create something different than what you normally eat?


KindaSassy said...

In *MY* home, there would never be left over lamb for pizza night that many days from when it was origninally cooked. Unless it was a whole side of lamb.... naaaaaah... there still wouldnt be any lamb left. :D Lamb is our favourite meat here and I do miss spring lamb back home in Melbourne.