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Thursday, May 1, 2008

An Ode to DQ

Oh DQ, DQ, where art thou, DQ?
Thy presence eludes me,
Thy locations far from me.
'Tis the map on thy homepage that is my enemy;
The franchise owners that keep you from me.

What's a DQ? 'Tis a dip cone,
A Dilly Bar, a Blizzard!

What's in a name? Would that which we call softserve
under any other name taste as sweet? Steakfingers as crispy?
Never they would without the red DQ emblem as their seal.
The sign of Dairy Queen Eats 'n' Treats.


Need I explain? I feel like I do.

Obviously I love Dairy Queen and we have not a single one nearby.

We found one while we were in Vegas back in January on our way back to town from the Hoover Dam. The weird thing was that they didn't serve real food. Just hotdogs and stuff. I needed me a steak finger fix and couldn't get it.

When we were on our way back from the family reunion this past Saturday and were talking about where to stop for dinner, I realized that there would have to be one in Weatherford. There just had to be.

And there was. Oh yes, there was.

It was a sight to behold.

The giddy enjoyment of it all got the better of me.

I had me some steak fingers. Sarah got a dip cone. Nathan got a Dilly bar. Mike and I each had a Blizzard.

It was a thing of beauty. Oh yes, it was.

So today I was longing for a DQ fix again at lunch time.

I will just have to wait.

Until we meet again, DQ. Until we meet again.

To be fair, I had to look up the text of Juliette's monologue here: Macrone, Michael. "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?." Brush Up Your Shakespeare. Cader Company, 1990. 2007. 1 May, 2008


Cristel said...

I'm right there with ya. I love the DQ! It's one of my favorite things about road trips. Unfortunately now a days we have to go on a road trip to find one. It was a sad day when the one near us closed. I love me a good butterfinger Blizzard!

Beth said...

I love me some DQ! Blizzards are my favorite!

Chantelle said...

I, too miss the DQ. I really LOVE your "ode". It was great!. Sonic just isn't the same...