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Friday, April 25, 2008

Lessons learned from an evening at the Ballpark

1. Those free tickets aren't so free after $12 to park, $27.50 on the first round of food, $4 for cotton candy and $4.50 for a 2nd round for Nathan.

2. Ballpark hotdogs are much better eaten seperate from the bun.

3. Supernachos and jalapenos with a Zantac chaser... mmm.

4. A family of four that inlcudes a potty training 2 year old can take a total of 6 trips to the bathroom between them in 2 hours at the Ballpark.

5. Urinals are fun, mom!

6. Public restrooms are not conducive to going poo-poo, mom.

7. Nathan likes cotton candy!

8. It's fun to share a Ranger's moment with Mimi the "super fan" in South Asia over the phone.

9. Baseball has a lot of rules that are difficult to explain to a 7 year old.

10. A 2 year old can eat 2 jumbo hot dogs... that's $9 worth of hot dogs, folks.

11. The free t-shirts only come in adult large and x-large and make for a cute dress on a 7 year old.

12. When a 2 year old tries to reach down to get his bottle of water out of the cup-holder that is located at foot-level on the seat in front of him, he tends to pitch forward into the back of the gentleman sitting in front of him.

13. A game between the Minnesota Twins and the Texas Rangers is not conducive to using our new favorite baseball heckle we learned from Big Mama and her friend Gulley. I was disappointed that I didn't get to yell, "Take it to Starbucks, ladies! We're here to play some baseball."