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Monday, June 28, 2010

a weekend of scrapbook awesome

I failed to mention this last week, but do you know where I spent my weekend?

I went on a scrapbook retreat to an inn that caters to scrapbookers on the weekends.

Did you even know that I do scrapbook occasionally?

Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I do. 

I have been on a retreat before with my friend Val and some people that she and her Aunt know, but this particular weekend was really fun because I knew all the ladies pretty well.  I didn’t get a ton finished because I wasn’t as organized as I have been in the past, but I did get a good start on our family’s 2006 album. 

Yes, I said 2006.

And I don’t mind telling you that I had a lot of fun reminiscing, oooh-ing and awwww-ing over some of the pictures of my kids from that year.

My friend Val, who organized the weekend, had some prizes available.  Categories were: Most Pages, Most Pictures on a Single Page, Most Creative Layout, Best Photography, Most Fun Layout.  We all voted on the last three categories on Sunday before we left.

Now, I may not have gotten a ton finished, but,surprisingly enough, I won two prizes.

I won Most Creative Layout with this one entitles “How we spend our days”:


I had an idea of where I wanted this page to go, but it took me describing it to the other ladies there to get the specifics down.  It took me a while, but the sun is all torn and I used pastels on the edges of all the paper.


I also won Best Photography for this layout.  I do have to admit, that these are my favorite pictures I have ever taken of my kids.



So that was most of my weekend.  How was yours?  Did you do anything awesome?


elizabeth said...

Well how 'bout that - I never knew you scrapped! I absolutely love it and never do it as often as I'd like. My next retreat is in September and that's some of the best girlfriend time ever. :)

Antique Mommy said...

Awesomeness indeed. I did not know you were a scrapbooker! You must check out Must.

Kay said...

Those pages are so sweet! Love the b&w pics too. So precious! I went away to scrapbook while the girl was at camp. Loved it. So nice to get away every now and then. Glad you got to do it! : )