Thursday, April 8, 2010

BBA Challenge #20 – Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire

This bread has weird stuff in it. Like wheat bran, coarse corn meal and oat meal. It just seems like an odd mixture.

But to my surprise, this weird mixture that I soaked in water overnight…


… when added with flour, yeast, salt, etc….

100_7310 100_7311

… truly turns into an extraordinary multigrain bread.




How about some leftover thinly sliced roast and gravy on a couple of slices of toasted multigrain bread. OHHHHH YEEEAAHHHH!


I was fairly surprised at the texture of this bread. Most multi-grain breads I have encountered are all chunky and have what appears to be bark and twigs in them. I’m not a fan of the bark and twigs bread. But this bread had a more smooth and even texture. I might like to see more wheat flour in it, but overall, I was impressed.

And Mr. Reinhart isn’t kidding when he talks about what great toast this makes. It’s sweet and makes such a nice crunch crust when toasted. I could totally see using bread like this for breakfast toast if I had a diner, inn or B&B.

Not that I ever will. *she says wistfully*


ashley said...

lol at "I’m not a fan of the bark and twigs bread" but I know exactly what you mean! i'll have to try this recipe out!

TeaLady said...

Looks delish. Looking forward to finally making this one with the Slow and Steady group.

bark and twigs bread hahahahaha

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

@TeaLady - I think you will really enjoy it!