Monday, March 22, 2010

Is it Picasso? Or a 4 year old? {Mama Braggin’ Monday}

Last Sunday, Nathan drew the greatest ever “Jonah and the Whale” picture during Sunday School.


No…. really. It is Jonah and the whale. My son just CLEARLY has a bit of a surrealist or even specifically a Pablo Picasso influence in his art.

Or maybe he’s just four.

Things I love about this:

1. The line drawn on the paper to show the trajectory of the whale’s burping up of Jonah. We’ve obviously watched the Veggie Tales version a time or two… or ninety.

2. He thought to draw the boat.

3. The belly of the whale. That’s just awesome. Especially since there is no body around it. Just teeth and a belly.

4. Jonah is a dot and is clearly insignificant to the story. But he did merit a mention.

But really, what’s NOT to love?

Have your kids drawn any great works of art for you lately? Tell me about them.


rachelizabeth said...

So adorable!! I love the trajectory. He's obviously very thoughtful in his art. :)

The latest from my 5 year old was a "story" he wrote at school: The wolf eat the chicken. It was fully illustrated: A wolf with a chicken next to it's mouth.

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

That's a GREAT title! I hope there wasn't blood in the story. I'd hate to be queezy and have to excuse myself in the middle of reading my child's story. ;)