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Friday, March 5, 2010

100th Day of School Snack Mix {Foodie Friday}

Any parent of a pre-school or grammar school child is well versed in the 100th day of school celebration.  There are many ways to celebrate such a momentous day in a young child’s life.  One way is with the 100th Day of School Snack Mix.

The idea is that everyone counts out and brings 100 of a small snack type item and it all gets mixed together for a snack mix.  Such a concoction defies all culinary rules and norms and borders on the “suicide” drink mix that 6th grade boys are known for at the soda fountain at the local Cici’s Pizza.

Nathan’s 100th day of school was several weeks ago and his 100 items were Alpha-Bits cereal.  Following is the “recipe” for his class’s 100th Day of School Snack Mix.


Nathan’s Pre-K 100th Day of School Snack Mix

100 of each:

Square pretzels
Apple Jacks cereal
Cocoa Puffs cereal
Vanilla wafers
Cookie Crisp cereal
Trix Cereal
Golden Grahams cereal
Skittles candies
M&M’s candies
Pretzel sticks

Now don’t you wish they would package THAT and sell it in bulk.  Yummy!

What kinds of interesting things have you seen in a 100th Day of School Snack Mix?


Anonymous said...

We do a snack mix in our three year old preschool class, every year for the 100th day. We include:

mini marshmallows
jelly beans
peanutbutter chips
chocolate chips

Then if we have more students we add more items. The kids love it, they love making it and they love eating it.