Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Provision? or Blessing?

As I look back over my adult life, each major life experience has brought me to know God and certain attributes in a real and personal way.

After two miscarriages in two months in 2001, I came to know Him as my Comfort when no one on earth could possibly comfort me.

In 2004 when we moved to a different state, I came to know him as my Friend when I had to leave friends and family behind and had no friends to speak of nearby.

Also in 2004 I came to know him as my Strength when I was gripped by fear after finding out I was pregnant again.

In 2007 I came to know him as my Rescuer as I found myself thrust into a pit of depression and wallowing in self pity.

And now, in 2009 I am finally coming to know him as my Provider.

I never dreamed that I would find myself in the position I am today. My husband has lost his job and we have only my little bitty part-time income. But the Lord is providing for us.

As I mentioned in this post, Mike has a job doing contract work. Of course the catch is that he doesn’t get paid until he has a project to work on and the client pays the fee. Just in case you were curious… that hasn’t happened yet.

He is also pursuing a business that he has been looking into and planning to eventually get into for a year or two now. He is working to fulfill all the requirements to get his dealer’s license to buy and sell used cars. My man, the used car salesman. HA!!

It will mostly be an Internet based business and we believe, with him being such the car guy that he is, that this will be something he could potentially really enjoy while providing us some extra income. However, there are a lot of hoops to jump through to get the license and he is in the process of checking off that list.

So here we are in June. It’s been over two months since getting the news that Mike was losing his job and two months since his last day.

Where are we today, you ask?

We are trusting God and his leading. I believe that we are right where he has told us to be and that is huge for me. I’m a person that has historically had a problem with trust and it is very easy for me to try to take things over. But I have been spurred on as I have seen God’s sweet provision for us as we have taken each step to continue to trust His plan.

In short, you might say technically employed but with no paycheck. But in reality, I would say completely depending on God to provide is where we are.

And providing for us, He is.

Here is a list, although no where near complete, of some of the ways the Lord has provided for us recently.

He has provided:

* a direction for Mike to take before he even had his last day at work.
* this time in life for Mike to pursue some other business interests besides the field of his training and vocation.
* a computer for Mike.
* office space at a very reasonable rent (one of those requirements for the dealer’s license) that he can split with a friend also in need of office space, thus making it even cheaper for us.
* a great deal on some office furniture for Mike.
* money to pay for Sarah to go to camp this summer through our garage sale last week.
* money to pay for the kids’ birthday party through our garage sale last week.
* a book that I had wanted to read but couldn’t afford to purchase.
* a partial scholarship for tuition for our kids’ school.
* a delay in paying tuition for Nathan’s school for next year so that it and our paying the daycare didn’t overlap.
* for my car to miraculously start working again after being "dead" all week and allowing my man to take back the $450 - $500 in parts.
* a network of supportive family and friends who are faithful to pray with us and for us as we walk through this season of life.
* and the list, I'm sure, could go on and on.

You know, I keep telling Him, “Thanks God. Just don’t forget that we also need a PAYCHECK!”

I believe He will provide that, too. We are excited that Mike has some project possibilities on the horizon.

My friend Keal said to me just the other day, “I think sometimes that God works on the principles of ‘just in time’ accounting.”

I get nervous because our “just in time” is coming pretty quick.

But you know what, I think she might be right.

And I believe much of what we are experiencing goes far beyond just provision. I firmly believe we are in blessing territory here.

How has God been providing for and blessing you recently?
Make a list. Tell me in the comments.


Melinda said...

Our most recent show of God's provision has been with this move.

1. God used that terrible situation that Hubs went through to open the door to come home.
2. He had the company offer MORE THAN TWICE the amount it usually does to cover any loss we incur on the sale of our home in Florida (hello, it's Florida - it's a BIG loss!)
3. He had the company guarantee our current income for 3 years (instead of the customary 2) for the depleted office that he's taking over and will have to rebuild.

For a "just in time" story from a few years back, you can go to the following places to read:

Our God is amazing, as He's showing you over and over, everyday!

Love to you friend,

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Thank you so much for sharing all of that Donna! Praise the Lord for so many blessings! I have seen Him provide for more than one friend with serious financial struggles lately.

I have so many blessings - a wonderful hubby and marriage, a great son (have had 3 miscarriages since), a home, stable job for hubby, and so much more. We thank the Lord daily for His blessings and we feel blessed that we have been able to help our son's school and friends & family with our time and financially, too.