Monday, June 8, 2009

Mama Braggin' Monday - My boy is the FOURest

Mondays are the day of the week that I shamelessly brag on my kids here on the blog.

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So, join me if you like. I'd love to see what awesome things your kids are up to. I am no longer adding the Mr. Linky, but please leave a comment and brag on your kids. Or you can brag on mine. Either way.


Nathan came out of his room Saturday morning saying, "I'm the four-est!"

We celebrated his fourth birthday on this weekend. Isn't he precious with his #4 chocolate chip pancake?

His big gift this year was a bicycle. I tell you what, the boy is a natural.

He climbed up on that bike and didn't stop all weekend long.

I tell you what though, when I purchased it on Thursday, I had a VERY hard time believing that he was big enough for a 16" bike. It looked so big and I just have him idealized as so much smaller than he is.

But he is big. Whether or not I want to believe it.

And no matter how I want to freeze some of his more precious moments in time or fast forward some of his more LESS than precious moments, time continues on just the same as it always does.

And what I need to do is just concentrate on the boy in front of me. Not the one I have idealized in my mind. And I need to not get bogged down too much whether a particular moment is good or not so good.

Sometimes it's just hard for me to see the "four-est" for the trees.


Six In The Northwest said...

They grow up fast, don't they? I just posted a rather extensive tribute to my firstborn DD19 who will be graduating from community college this week. Time does fly. If you have time, here's my link...she's grown to be quite the special young lady we think.

Kim said...

What a cutie! I think everyone should have chocolate chip pancakes on their birthday :-)

My "baby" boy may be 27 but I can remember when he was 4 like it was yesterday. Each age has special memories. *sigh*

Have a great week!

The G's said...

You were pregnant with him when I met you for the first time. Time flies, huh? Hope he had a great day!!

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday to your Nathan! I hope you have a wonderful day with him!

Newton Family said...

Happy 4th birthday to your little man!!!