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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BBA Challenge #5 - Casatiello

This week's bread was Casatiello. It's a brioche type bread but it is an Italian variation on the brioche theme. Therefore there is meat and cheese involved. Specifically salami.

Upon seeing this is when you hear my man say, "AWWW YEEEAAAHH!"

Just suffice it to say, he likes him some salami. I can't even begin to describe how he salivated as I read him the formula for this bread. And the day that I came home with the salami from the grocery store, I had to hide the salami from him. Needless to say, he was looking forward to me having leftover salami for him to eat.

My favorite part is the cheese. I chose Gouda for this bread because I don't hardly ever get to use Gouda. And it's SO Gouda. (OH can you blame me? I couldn't resist. Really.)

I made several different sizes. Some shredded, some small cube and some larger chunks.

During the mixing stage, I found that I flipped back and forth between paddle attachment and dough hook. The consistency of the dough changed so dramatically at several different stages that switching back and forth just made sense.

I used the paddle to mix together my dry ingredients and also as I added the wet ingredients and mixed them together. The dough quickly became too thick for the paddle.

I did have some dry flour at the bottom that did not mix in. I simply took a little milk (maybe 1 - 2 teaspoons) and warmed it in the microwave just to take the chill off. I then added poured the milk right on the dry part of the flour and it incorporated in to the ball of dough immediately.

This is what Mr. Reinhart describes as a coarse ball of dough.

I switched to the dough hook and let it run for another minute or two and it worked into a smooth ball. At this point it, and the Kitchen Aid, got to rest for 10 minutes or so.

After rest time (excuse the mommy-speak) I began adding butter. I switched back to the paddle after the first piece of butter was added and pretty well incorporated. Once all the butter was added it reminded me of cookie dough consistency.

I worked the dough with the paddle attachment for several minutes and then switched back to the dough hook as it seemed to get more elastic. Working with the dough hook, it did eventually pull away from the sides of the bowl pretty much on its own just like Mr. Reinhart said it would. I did help it along with a little sprinkle of flour just to be sure but it was no more than 1 - 2 teaspoons.

After adding in the good stuff.

And now it's time to ferment.

Poof. That's a lot of dough.

I thought very seriously about trying the paper bag in the coffee can baking method, but I just really didn't get the point. And the only coffee can shaped dish I have is a Pampered Chef stoneware crock that I use for storing utensils. I've baked beer bread in it before but honestly, I didn't think it would turn out as pretty as some of the pictures and blog posts that I have seen so far using the round cake pans.

Even still, I was digging through my cupboard full of baking pans just hoping I'd find something that would let me do something a little different with this dough. I found these little tart/quiche pans that turned into the perfect size for some casatiello rolls/buns

The rest I put in an 8" round cake pan.

And so, here is the final product.


On Sunday, I took a "kind of" page out of Big Black Dog's book and while we didn't make Eggs in a Nest, we did put a fried egg on top of a sliced open small roll/bun. It made for a tasty breakfast.

I also made sandwiches on the buns using some leftover salami and mozzarella. I cut open and buttered the insides of the buns and heated them on the griddle while also heating the salami and mozzarella. That was a tasty variation of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Overall Impressions:

This is a really very easy dough and bread that packs some punch with the meat and cheese involved. I think it could be made even better with some herbs (like maybe oregano) in the dough as well.

Will I make this again? If my husband has anything to say about it I will. :)


peteeatemall said...

I loved making little rolls with the Casatiello! The little rolls you made- perfect for sandwiches and what not...brilliant! great idea! On to Challah - Happy baking!

Phoo-D said...

This looks like it turned out great! What a good idea to make it into small rolls.

bigadd said...

After reading all the cooking posts over the last month or so, it surely won't be long until I can just tune in to your TV program on the Food Network. It's always nice to be able to say "I knew her when she was just a regular mom". Hang in there girl.

susies1955 said...

Your photos are great.
Great baking along with you,

misterrios said...

Awesome idea with the quiche pans. I like the ridges along the sides.

Kelly said...

I was thinking the same thing about adding herbs. I think that would add some nice flavor.

Your bread looks great!