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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I could get a penalty for excessive celebration

I'm just going to make it a week of celebration around here.

In honor of my blogiversary and 200 posts, I decided to tell you 200 things about myself.

But that was too hard to do.... so you're getting 100 things about me.

I am 35 years old.

I am married to my college sweet-heart.

We went to Texas A&M. (Yeah, we’re AGGIES! WHOOP!)

I have been married for 12 ½ years.

I have a 7 year old daughter.

I have a 3 year old son.

I have a 12 year old Dachshund named Frankie

And a 9 year old Welsh Corgi named Gus.

I am a native Texan

But I lived in Northern Virginia for a short time.

I am the baby of my family and

I have 2 OLDER sisters.

My parents are currently missionaries in South Asia.

I miss the snow in No. VA

And the seasons,

And being near Washington DC.

I don’t miss the traffic

I love to cook

And bake

From scratch.

I love to eat good food

And drink good wine.

I have environmental allergies, and

I am supposed to take shots each week, but

I’ve been delinquent about my shots recently.

Watermelon makes my throat itch, along with

My nose and ears.

I work part (almost full) time for a financial advisor.

The streak you see in my hair is natural, and

It’s gray.

I started getting gray hair in my early twenties.

I am a nut for the details, and

I can be a little bit of a control freak, so

I like the details done my way.

I grew up as somewhat of a tom-boy.

I went deer hunting with my dad.

And fishing.

I love to water ski and

Snow ski.

I have thrill seeker tendencies.

I have been on a tandem sky dive, and

Parapenting, and


And I love to go white water rafting.

I love to travel.

I have visited 9 countries including




New Zealand,




Belgium, and


My favorite international city that I have visited is Paris.

I've been there twice.

I lived in France for 3 1/2 months as a nanny in 1994 while in college.

I have visited 20 states.

I have been from east coast to west coast.

It's strange for me to think that there are many people who have not done that.

My favorite city in the US that I have visited is San Francisco.

My favorite family vacation was in Destin, Fl.

The house we live in was built in 1980.

Someone redecorated in about 1989.

Not much has changed since then.

Pink marble in the master bathroom is NEVER a good idea.

Cobalt blue is a beautiful color.

I love my new iPhone.

And my cute little green case for it.

I cloth diapered both of my kids.

I am not what you would consider a "granola" or "crunchy" mama.

I am a horrible house-keeper.

My bedroom is never clean.

It always seems to be over-run with laundry.

I am not a morning person.

My daily wake up time is 5:15 am.

I do this out of absolute necessity.

I should go to bed at 10 or 10:30 pm.

I rarely do.

I love to watch movies over and over again.

We like to drop movie quotes to see if the other catches it.

Yeah, it's a weird sort of ongoing game we play.

And usually we enjoy watcing The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

I love to study the Bible.

I attend Bible Study Fellowship during the school year.

I have completed Acts of the Apostles, Genesis, Romans, and Matthew.

I have also completed several Beth Moore studies, including:

Living Beyond Yourself, Jesus the One and Only, Beloved Disciple, Breaking Free, and A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place.

I have just finished No Other Gods with the Siestas on the LPM blog.

I am currently going through Believing God (Beth Moore) with my husband and mother in law.

I am taking a leadership course at church, and

I’m about to start The Life of Moses (BSF).

I am currently reading through the Psalms in my daily devotional.

The last year has been a huge growing time for me spiritually.

I am not much of a reader of just regular books, but

I recently read The Shack.

It really spoke to me about trusting God.

I’ve struggled with this since having 2 miscarriages 7 years ago.


And my husband might kill me for doing this, but I've been dying to and this is the perfect opportunity for me to do a little blog giveaway. It's not much, but I'd love to send someone a Lifeway gift card for $10 and a couple of people this booklet that made a huge difference in my life. All just to say thanks for visiting my little corner of the blosophere.

So... you know the blog giveaway drill... you have to leave a comment. But this time, since I told you some things about me, try and leave me something about you that I may not know. I know pretty much all 6 of you that read my blogity-blog, but I think you can come up with some little something that I don't know about you.

I'll close the comments at mid-night on Friday and I'll post the winners on Saturday. I'm sure I will use a very high-tech method of winner choosing... like pulling numbers from a hat or other such method.

Thank you again blog-friends. You make this blogging journey a blast!


Bridgette said...

Love your new Blog Page!
It is so cute! I need to learn how to do all that cute stuff on my page!

Okay, something about myself.
I recently started Women's Ministry at my church.
We're planning the third event,
called Breads, Spreads and the Vine.

I am married to my husband, Pat, and this weekend will be our 13th anniversary.

We have three children.
Randy, 15
I had Randy when I was 17, met Pat when he was about 11 mos old. Pat has taken care of him and loves him as his own. They don't even know the difference and my son adores Him. They are very close.
I am so so thankful for him.

I myself, am not the greatest housekeeper. I clean and it will be spotless and organised and then a few days later, it's like, what happened?!!!!

I hate laundry!
and dust!
I love to clean my kitchen!

I don't like baking, but I do enjoy cooking reg. food, in the crockpot, when I don't have to do alot.

I love Music. It speaks to me.
Sometimes, though, with secular music, I find myself captured by the music and then sometimes, I'll start listening to the words and then I'm like, What do they mean by that? So, I'm careful about what I listen to.
and My kids love music too! Randy plays the guitar, he's pretty good. Rebecca sings and Tanner loves it all and I can't wait to find out where it will take him.

I love Bible study and writing lessons. That's a new thing for me.

Okay, this is like way long.
Happy Blog anniversary!

Kay said...

I love your new look too! Let's see... I'm left handed. I've never done a Beth Moore study... I can hear a collective gasp all over the blogosphere! I really like Andrew Murray writings. I like a clean kitchen..since I'm a germaphobe, but keeping the house clutter free is HARD. Pink is my favorite color. My iPod is green. My daughter's is pink. I neverrrr get anything pink because SHE alllllways gets 'the pink one'. LOL I don't like to wear make-up, but I do.. some days. I was a flip-flop girl until I broke my foot while wearing them two years I wear Birkenstocks most of the time... or Asics. Oooo..the fashion trendsetter I am! Have I bored you to tears yet? : )

Brittany said...

Oh Yay! A contest!

Things you probably don't know about me....

I was a cheerleader in 3 schools for a total of 9 years. I coached it for 2, one year took the girls to semifinals for state!

I LOVE Beth Moore (oh yeah, you knew that! :) )

I have a hearing loss in my left ear.

I have been to both coasts and the gulf.

I've been to Mexico 5 times. (just across the border from Brownsburg, TX)

I've never been to Florida but am going in February! (I booked Disney World today!)

My house is a pig-sty.

I've been married 14 years on Sept. 17.

I've attended the same church since 1983.

I've lived within 30 miles my whole life.

I love to cook. Hate to bake. HATE to clean up after myself.

I was an EMT for 6 years. I worked for a professional ambulance service for 1 1/2 yrs, volunteered the rest of the time.

I went to but didn't finish LPN school.

I met Paul at the grocery store. hehe!

That's all I can think of for now.

Lisa K said...

You really do need a penalty for excessive celebration, but I am going to join in anyway! Let's see...something you don't know about me is my passion for writing. I have always loved to write. I was even on the yearbook staff in High School and at Ouachita Baptist University! Go Tigers!! Reading your blog after I moved away inspired me to get active with my writing again. So now I have my own blog, (That I don't update nearly as often as you do) and I have started a blog for the teachers at my church, in the hopes of casting a vision for ministry and sharing my love for them. I also have begun writing more of my own curriculum. Yes, it takes quite a bit of time, but I get exactly what I am looking for! So, thanks for letting God use you to help me write again!

beyond this moment said...

Hmm... something you don't know about me?

I also lived near Washington D.C., but I didn't like it. Especially not in the months following 09/11/01.

My family moved over 3,000 miles, in January, driving from MD to OR, staying in KOA Kabins, with three children 3yo and younger, while I was 33 weeks pregnant with #4. Fun times. =)

And can I just say that I am more than relieved to know I'm not the only horrible housekeeper out there.

Michelle V said...

I so enjoyed reading those and knowing more about you!

I also rarely ever read books because I use my little free time for Bible study, but I was recently encouraged to read The Shack and I loved it!

I'm sure you know I'm a single mom with 2 teenage boys. I am originally from Missouri but I've lived in Texas for about 17 years now. I also miss snow and seasons!

And I was so relieved when I read what you said about your bedroom always being over-run with laundry. MINE TOO! For some reason I always feel bad because I am a lousy housekeeper!!

Thank you again for sharing!


The G's said...

I love your blog and I love giveaways! Pick me!!

Things about me...

I saved the same kid from choking on two different occasions when I was a special ed teacher in Kansas.

I am a teacher and so was my grandmother and great aunt. They both taught in a one room school house.

I can talk to my sister everyday, several times a day about nothing. That is what sisters do, right?

I dream of opening a bakery someday. The thought of yummy baked goods neatly arranged under a glass case makes me happy.

I would rather have a procedure done at the dentist than have bloodwork done at the dr. office. And I have had a root canal and my wisdom teeth taken out. The doctor stresses me out. Any place the start off by weighing you is evil!

twinkle said...

Well, you DID make some changes and they are great! Congratulations on your blogiversary!
And you have your own web address...just look at you!
A few things about myself...
I am a gypsy at heart. I love to just get in the truck and ride for miles exploring the countryside.
I have served as a women's ministry leader and loved it. I planned a "Trading Spaces" event that was the most fun and the most challenging thing ever!
I went on a hot-air balloon ride in the mountains of Tennessee (it was scary until I started going up and then it was just FUN!)
I love to study geneaology.
I could spend all day at a flea market.
I collect beauty wherever I find it...plates, picture frames, old quilts, books (I love books) and art.
And I wish I could write songs. Really! I am just awestruck at how someone writes something that touches my heart so much (like old hymns and new worship songs).
Ok, I'll stop for now.
Many blessings on your new blogging adventure.

Sarah said...

Here's something about me:

I sing opera

I first kissed my husband on our wedding day.

Thanks for the giveaway, and Happy Blogaversary!

The Murray's said...

Well, let's see..

You have no idea who I am ;)

I came across your blog via about 10 other blogs. I have never done a Beth Moore study, but have been wanting to for a long time.


Tiffany said...

Happy Blogiversary - I came across our blog via BigMama at All-Access. 1. I am a 38 year mom of 4 who (2)just started my own blog this week. 3. God spoke so clearly to me through a Beth Moore study 5 years ago that it CHANGED MY LIFE. It was "Breaking Free", and boy did I ever break free from the bondage of guilt and unforgiveness. 4. I, too suffered a misacarriage. At the time I thought God was punishing me for past mistakes/sin. Then he blessed me with four children, and I couldn't accept the blessings without feeling guilt and shame because I felt so unworthy. I have discovered God's sweet, sweet grace and mercy am loving my life and praising my God. I actually had no idea I was going to share any of that with you when I first started writing this comment. But it felt great to write it, so I'll leave it - thank you!! Have a blssed day!

Gabby said...

You had me at Life Way.

I love to spend money there!

I have a ten and 1/2 year old dachshund named Libby. She is all grayish white now, and she was a miniature until my kids began to feed her leftover pop tarts and she discovered how to sit directly under their chairs and scarf down anything they drop (she prefers marshmallows).
I am turning 36 tomorrow.
I love Beth Moore studies, I am on study 7 (Stepping Up), I think.
I teach SS for a group of about 40 couples. It is a huge challenge, but I have grown more the last two years than ever.
I actually am studying His word for myself. I love a good commentary. I think that might make me a nerd. Or a freak. Either way, it's true.

Two kids, one cute hubby.

I live in the South.

Love your lay out.

I am gonna spring for one, one of these days. Maybe when I am brave enough to tell people I actually have a blog.

Nancy said...

Thank you for doing this!
I have enjoyed your notes from the LPM event since I wasn't able to go.
I'm going through A Woman's Heart study right now. LOVE IT!!